Friday, 20 March 2009

Preliminary Task

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

R1-14 feedback

logo is good.
freeze shots are effective and work well with the style.
background music suits the genre.
acting is good.
fight scene needed to be a bit more realistic when kicking the person.
isnt clear what might happen in the rest of the film.

Feedback from R1-16

-We like the logo and think that it fits the genre and looks professional.
-We also think that the black and white effect is good and puts emphasis on the main themes.
-The music fits the genre really well because it is something that the target audience would listen to.
-The titles could be bolder because you dont really notice that there are any.

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Feedback from R1-17

- Not sure about logo, doesn't seem to fit in with the genre you're working with.
- We like how the music comes in, from non diagetic sound to diagetic music.
- Good establishing shots of location.

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FEED me?




The still shots were effective showing the controversy in the scene. Good variation of shot types. The zoom in followed by a still shot was at the fight scene was effective because you could see the pain the character was going through. The music didn't seem to fit in with the story trying to be portrayed. Titles were plain could of used something different.

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Friday, 6 March 2009

Final Piece

Here is our piece

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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Plan of action for changes intended to final opening

- Speed up the smoking shots

-Add more titles (in the shots)

-Clean up some shots (less shaky/choppy)

-Improve sound

-Make the ending more understandable

-Edit footage sequences

Filming Feedback

Mise en Scene

- Stereotypical costumes which work well
- Use of college and street shots suit


- Nice close up of smoking
- Bit shaky
- Good shot angles

Last scene doesn't make sense, viewer left wondering what;s going on because titles are incomplete.


- Need to edit out unwanted sound

Generic Conventions

- British Social:

Establishing street shots
Smoking/dealing/fight scene
Music is strong

Friday, 27 February 2009

Rough cut

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Thursday 26th February

Hi again, afraid am ill again so here is a possible plan for today.

First of all the footage will need to be put on to final cut that Joe and me filmed on Tuesday so just put it on, don't worry about the editing.

Then the filming needs to be done of the drugs scene, which would be best filmed up the top of long road where the traffic lights are. Konstantsin is the drug dealer and Joe will need to be the guy buying as Dom's face has already been seen unless you can get someone else to play the role. Try and act like natural drugdealer and client if you can. The shots are on the animatic that you need to get, so take photos on somebodys phone and try and capture the shots like that.

If you think of any ideas just film them as test footage, we can always delete them if they don't work.

If you get time, upload the footage and then begin editing.

Thanks guys


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tuesday 10th February

Hi guys, sorry i can't be there today am ill so am typing from home to give some help.

If you look down below on the locations post i have now stuck which shots go by which location to help.

So as nearly all planning is done for you lot, you may want to start filming and i would suggest to do the filming of Shots 1,2,3,4 and 5, as the only props you will need would be a cigarette and lighter but make sure you stick to the shots which are:

1)Side on Close up of lighter.
2)Side on Close up of cigarette being lit.
3)Front on close up of Cigarette tip as ashes burn bright red.
4)Side on mid shot of Konstantsin smoking but without showing eyes.
5)Front on mid shot of smoke being blown out.

Connor Jipps

Hope this helps


Friday, 6 February 2009


- Hoodies (lots of hoodies)
- Shoes - Air Max/Timberlands
- Jeans/Tracksuit bottoms - Lonsdale/Umbro/Anything
- Baseball Cap's
- Normal clothes

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- Cigarette and lighter
- See through bag (small)
- Sugar
- Phone
- Glasses
- Book
- Lamp
- Bottles and cans

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Thursday, 5 February 2009


Locations used would be:

- Opposite college where students smoke often - Shots 1,2,3,4 and 5 of the animatic.
- Bus stop, drugs exchange - Shots 7,8,9,10 and 11
- College wall, beating up of other hoody guy - Shots 13 and 14
- Park, bottles scene - Shots 16 and 17
- Graffiti'd wall, an example of the urban environment - Shot 19
- Underpass, an example of the urban environment - Shot 20
- Street along Citi2 route, outsiders street - Shot 21 and 22
- Bedroom, the outsider - Shot 23

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Friday, 30 January 2009

Our animatic

Editing by Connor
Music by Dom and Kanstantsin
Images by Connor

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Thursday, 29 January 2009

football factory introduction

Football factory is a British social realist drama set in the present that demonstrates football hooliganism to the audience. The opening sequence starts with Danny dyer walking along a street in London, the diagetic music is loud and drowns out the sound of the street. It quietens down until the character starts to speak about his life, he explains how he "lives for the weekend" it then cuts to a panorama shot of london with the words "tottenham away" showing what is happening and what the character means when he explaines his life passion. There are then several shots showing the congregation of fans moving towards the stadium. It also show the security set up to stop fights breaking out. It uses several shots in black and white in a CCTV style of footage.


Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Ideas for camera angles, locations and font types

Teacher Feedback

Your blog is looking good, it does need a bit more content. You must make sure that all group members do a full and complete analysis of an opening sequence, there are examples on the main blog on how to write a good analysis.
Also you need to write something about the films you have added as influence, explain what specifically you are influenced by.
In addition i would like to see some more detail regarding your idea, some detail regaridng location, props, costumes and who is going to be acting in it.
Good work so far, keep going.


Friday, 23 January 2009

Our idea

Our idea is based on a 17 year old who lives a tough life in a rough urban street and is trying to survive in an area where knife and gun crime are always there. The film would follow his life and his troubles at being an outsider in society due to his hate towards drugs, violence and alcohol.

It is a social realist British drama opening to show particular areas of society in places people may not have seen before.

We will take aspects collected from Kidulthood and This is England to create the opening to the film.


mood board

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Influences for Social Realist Drama


This is England

This is England analysis

This is England is a social realist drama set in the 80's. This is shown especially in the opening sequence by using multiple clips of events that were happening in england during the 80s. Also the clothes that were associated with the 80's are used in the mise en scene. Also the use of people shown such as Margaret Thatcher who was our Priminister in the 80's and examples such as the aerobics class where they are all in florescent coloured tights and leg warmers which was one of many fashions during the time. The song used is also adding on to the time era by being a Reggae song which was a popular type of music during the time the film is set. In the first establishing shot of his school you are able to see the other pupils which are all dressed in 80's styled clothes and it's a typical english school setting the scene. While they are at school there's a scene of them being punished for having a fight, the punishment is being hit by the teacher which now is illegal. This again enhances the fact that the movie is set during the 80's. Another way the film has set the scene of England is having a small corner shop which is a common and expected type of shop to see in England. Whilst in the shop the young boy is very rude to the shop owner who is indian raced, this shows how racism is still happening which was more common in the time era of the film.

Joe Barrett


Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Research into Social Realist Drama's

Social Realism is a term used to describe film works which chronicle the everyday conditions of the working classes and the poor, and are critical of the social environment that causes these conditions.

A famous director of Social Realist drama films is Shane Meadows who has directed films such as 'This is England', "Somers Town' and 'Dead Man's Shoes'. These films depict a culture amongst youngsters and aims to show their manipulation due to the society they live in.

Another famous Director of Socialist Realist Drama's is Nick Love who has directed films including 'Football Factory', 'The Business' and 'Outlaw'. These films tend to represent the Violence and Drugs culture involved in Society and how Gang and Organised Crime culture is rife.

Films that are Social Realist are usually a view on society that the director/writer of the film has witnessed and wants to show to an audience to raise awareness.


Examples of Other Production Logo's

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The genres available to use

A supernatural thriller with a strong female lead

In which the conflict is between main characters, usually one of which has supernatural powers. An example of this would be "What Lies Beneath"

A British social realist drama

In which there is a story based on a certain type of people within Britain, focusing on their day to day lives and habits. An example of this would be "This is England"

An adventure story for younger audiences

In which a group of young people go on a quest often to find some treasure or something personal to them. Usually takes place in a non every day place. An example of this is "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe"

A teenage romantic comedy

In which a love interest is made between two teenage characters with a comic twist. An example of this would be "Juno"

A crime caper with an ensemble cast

A film in which there is a plot to commit a crime, usually for money which has a comic feel to it due to lots of mistakes and errors being made by the protagonists. An example of this would be "Snatch"

Our Logo

This is our logo for our production company. We started it on Photoshop and then transferred the layers individually to Final Cut. We used video effects such as fading and sound effects to create a more interesting, effective logo.

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Monday, 19 January 2009

Goldmember opening sequence

Austin Powers Goldmember:

-Starts off with typewriter effect with credits, using non-diagetic sound to seem as if it is high fi and give the impression he is a spy.
-‘Somewhere in Utah’ Shows it is not a serious film.
-Austin Powers costume when skydiving shows it is comedy as it cannot be taken serious.
-Music is quite faced paced however to show that this is also meant to be a kind of thriller, but more of a spoof of James bond.
-The sports car is called the shaguar, further enhancing the mood of a comedy, and it is painted in the Union Jack flag, something not very subtle for a serious spy.
-‘Dixie Normous’ shows that it’s a comedy by the inappropriate names as p[roven by the dialogue also.
-Using spoof characters improves the feel of it being a comedy.


Friday, 28 November 2008


Our group is: